2012-2009 Workshops

CRISP/NHPS Professional Development
October 6, 2012

CRISP Collaborative Science for All (CCSA) held a professional development workshop for New Haven science teachers at the Yale Peabody Museum entitled A Collaborative 21st Century Approach to Implementing the Current Science Curriculum. This workshop was designed to create an opportunity for New Haven science educators to work together in developing a novel approach to teaching the current science curriculum. The primary objective was to develop conceptual model(s) from existing curricula using 21st Century Skills as defined by the new Common Core (CC) approach as well as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
October 6, 2012 flyer


Science Fair Professional Development
March 3, 2012

Science teachers of grades 6-12 were invited to participate in a workshop targeted for enhancing science fair projects, particularly for the New Haven Science Fair (NHSF). The turnout was 18 teachers from local middle and high schools; as well as 6 industry and science fair mentors. The morning concluded with a tour of the CRISP NanoCharacterization Facility. Participants received 0.3 CEUs and take home science materials/supplies upon completion of the workshop.
March 3, 2012 flyer


CRISP/NHPS PD Focus Group and Planning Session at SCSU
January 17, 2012

A group of high school teachers from the New Haven Public School system will participate in a focus group. The objectives of this workshop are to review the NSTA Reader’s Guide to A Framework for K-12 Science Education, discuss topics such as introducing engineering into the curriculum using materials science as a context, scientific practices (e.g., development and use of models), 21st Century Skills, and CRISP resources.


Best Practices for Science demonstrations PD workshop
February 12, 2011

The CT MAKING STUFF Outreach Coalition held a PD workshop hosted by the CT Science Center. Attendees participated in hands-on demonstrations based on NOVA’s Making Stuff exploring the materials that will shape our future. This event was attended by middle school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students (Jason Forster), post-docs (Divine Kumah), and informal educators. Heidi Gold-Dworkin of Little Scientists joined us for this workshop to share with the group best practices for engaging young children in outreach demos.


Forces & Motion PD workshop for 8th grade science teachers
November 13, 2010

CRISP EO, in collaboration with CRISP Curriculum Development Specialists, Profs. Karen Cummings and Lara Smetana, provided “just-in-time” instruction on Forces and Motion with a professional development workshop for local 8th grade science teachers. The New Haven Science Supervisor was in attendance and the led discussion about New Haven Public School district goals for the forces and motion unit.


Electronic Materials & Devices PD workshop for high school science teachers
March 24, 2010

This workshop was based on hands-on curricular materials, developed by CRISP researcher and Yale Professor Sohrab Ismail-Beigi with a New Haven high school teacher that focus on the materials science of electronic storage devices, i.e. hard drives, CD/DVD drives, flash drives and LEDs. Teaching resources are located on Sohrab’s website.


New Haven Science Fair PD workshop for mentors and teachers
January 23, 2010

This workshop was co-hosted by the New haven Science Fair Steering Committee. The motivation for this workshop was to bring science fair mentors and teachers together to discuss the most effective ways to help students ask research questions and develop their science fair projects.


Nanofabrication PD workshop for high school science teachers
November 14, 2009

This workshop was held at Yale and co-hosted by Fred Walker, CRISP Research Scientist. The keynote address was given by Prof. TP Ma (this talk was held as a public lecture open to the community). Workshop participants were able to tour through CRISP’s research facilities and clean room to observe how thin films are fabricated.


Nanotechnology & Photonics PD workshop for high school science teachers
November 7, 2009

This workshop was co-hosted by Judith Donnelly of Three Rivers Community College and Nancy Magnani of EASTCONN. Workshop participants worked with the PHOTON Projects Explorations in Optics materials: hands-on classroom activities and demonstrations.