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New Haven Science Fair: MENTORS NEEDED

The New Haven Science Fair is looking for volunteers to mentor New Haven public school students Pre­‐K through 12th grade with their science fair experiments. Mentors typically volunteer once a week, for 1hr to 1.5hr. They will work in the classroom with teachers helping students understand the scientific method. Students and teachers need help in the early stages of researching and defining their projects, and to recognize the reality of what is a manageable, beneficial, and applicable research project. For more information about the science fair, visit

If you are interested to help in any way, please or go online HERE and  fill  out  the  “Application  for Mentors”  The application lets us find a proper match using availability, location, and discipline criteria, and we will contact you once a match is made. If you have additional questions contact the New Haven Science Fair Mentor Coordinator, by e-mail at nhsciencefair@gnhcc.com.