Research Facilities

The Center for Research on Interface Structure and Phenomena (CRISP) facilities include core shared instrumentation of the YINQE laboratory in the Malone Engineering Center, several more specialized instruments in Becton Center, and the CRISP NanoCharacterization Facility at SCSU in the Academic Science and Laboratory Building.

Core shared facilities in the YINQE lab include two scanning electron microscopes, an electron-beam lithography system, two atomic force microscopes, focused ion-beam, and a transmission electron microscope. Refer to the YINQE contact page for requesting access and training. CRISP facilities in the Becton Engineer Center include tools for x-ray diffraction, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, SQUID magnetometry, Cryogen-free Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) AFM, combinatorial sputter deposition system, and MBEs. Yale has the highest concentration of oxide MBE tools in the world and makes contributions toward next-generation electronic devices. To view instrumentation at Yale, please visit

CRISP also supports shared facilities at SCSU and the newly formed Connecticut State Colleges and University Center for Nanotechnology (CSCUCNT). The CSCUCNT focuses on nano-scale characterization and includes the following instruments: a Zeiss Sigma VP SEM with EDS; a Hitachi tabletop SEM, funded by the state of Connecticut for CRISP education events at SCSU and local community colleges and public schools; a Gentlemill ion mill and two Allied Technologies polishing systems for TEM specimen preparation; a NanoInk NLP 2000 dip pen nanofabrication instrument; and an FEI Tecnai Spirit transmission electron microscope. These facilities can be accessed by outside users after paying a yearly membership fee, as well as a reduced fee for instrument time.