Educational Programs for Students

New Haven Family Science Nights

Presented by CRISP and the New Haven Science Fair
Family Science Night (FSN) is one part of the New Haven Science Fair Program. It is sponsored by the New Haven Science Fair Steering Committee. FSNs take place in the evenings at K-8th grade schools in New Haven during the months of November – March. About 10 schools per year are involved, and different schools are chosen every year so that all schools have an equal chance to host an event. Volunteers guide 20-30 families with children in grades 3-5 through easy, fun experiments, while speaking with them about problem solving using the scientific method: question, hypothesis, experiment, results, and conclusions. The aim of these nights is to enrich the science education of New Haven children, and also to excite them about science and help prepare them to present a project at the New Haven Public School Science Fair, which takes place in May, at Yale. FSNs usually last about 2 hours, and usually start around 5-6PM.

Pathways NB2
Yale’s Pathways to Science Program

With an overarching goal to encourage and support promising young scholars to pursue careers in the sciences, Pathways opens the door for middle and high school students to explore science at Yale University. Whether the student is creative or logical, methodical or messy, observant or intuitive, Yale Pathways will help him or her explore the sciences and take their skills to the next level. Throughout the year students are invited to programs, demonstrations, lectures, and laboratory visits on Yale University’s campus to learn about cutting-edge advances in science from respected professors. Students can choose which opportunities interest them the most. In the past, students have viewed the cosmos at Yale’s state-of-the-art planetarium, launched rockets, built telescopes, and examined brain specimens with Yale neuroscientists. Yale Pathways to Science is free of charge. Once accepted, students can participate in programs through high school graduation. Inspiring the next generation of scientists is important to us, and we consider Pathways students as the youngest members of Yale’s community of scientists.

Eligibility and application information: New Haven, West Haven and Amity Public School middle and high school students are invited to apply when nominated by their math or science teacher. We send nomination forms to teachers each April. Nominated students receive applications for the program over the summer.

Please email Maria Parente for more information. or visit Pathways to Science

Yale’s Pathways Summer Scholars Program

Pathways Summer Scholars is a free two-week summer science day program for 100 rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Yale Pathways students. Each summer, Pathways Summer Scholars will have the opportunity to select from a variety of STEM workshops, collaboratively designed and taught by Yale faculty and graduate students. Summer 2016’s new workshop topics include, but are not limited to, green chemistry, web development and coding, neurobiology, consciousness, biochemistry, solar cell building, and more. Current Yale students serve as teaching assistants and mentors in the program. Rising Pathways seniors are also eligible to apply to the residential program, living in the Yale student dormitories, and taking part in college preparatory programming, in addition to attending STEM workshops during the day. To see pictures of the program, please go to